Blue Bathroom Ideas in Charlotte

6 Blue Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Space Look Like a Timeless Classic

Your bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home, so it only makes sense that you put a ton of effort into personalizing it and making it look and feel yours. There are many ways to improve your bath space and make it look pristine and classy, especially with the color blue. This color resonates with relaxation, peace, and health – three fitting ideals that perfectly fit any bathroom. With a spa bathroom remodel in Charlotte, NC, you can turn your bathroom into a blue oasis that you’ll look forward to relaxing on after a long day of work.

If you’re one of the people eager to make their bathrooms look stylish and ageless, you can do so with the color blue. Here are some ideas from the Bathroom Remodeling Company Charlotte to assist you in making your bathroom a timeless classic.

#1 Teal Bathroom for Heightened Visual Interest

teal-colored bathroom can look and feel interesting when partnered with other elements. When remodeling your bathroom with teal, you should do it with an eclectic approach, meaning you must incorporate different design ideas to create a fascinating output. You can use a teal grasscloth wallpaper and match it with other things such as mixed metal accents, stained-wood baseboards, and blackened metal wall sconces.

#2 Blue Bathroom for Playfulness

Light blue tones can project a feeling of playfulness in your bathroom. To invoke this vibe in your bathroom, start by utilizing a contrasting combination of minty blue tiles and brass hardware, along with other design elements such as white walls. The brass adds a rustic feeling to the room, while the color white can make the space look neat and allows all the other details, such as the brass fixtures and blue tiles.

#3 Navy Blue Bathroom for Elegance

If you want a classy bathroom, you can never go wrong with navy blue. This tone, along with some other colors such as white and polished chrome, can showcase elegance. Opt to add some built-in shelves and sizable vanities so you can have plenty of storage space without ruining the navy blue walls with contrasting white. You can add blue-and-white curtains to accentuate your tub and make your bathroom feel like a luxurious commercial spa.

#4 Blue Bathroom With a Rustic Appeal

Rustic Appeal Bathroom - Bathroom Remodeling Company Charlotte

Incorporating wood finishes in your bathroom can make the space look and feel rustic, as if you have a manor in the countryside, seeking peace and tranquility from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want a farm-style bathroom, you can integrate touches of blue all over the space and complement it with wood vanities, vintage-style sinks, and some striped hand towels to further heighten the color theme.

#5 Blue and Gold Bathroom - An Underrated But Classy Option

Gold has the power to elevate the luxuriousness of any space, even if it’s a bathroom. There are so many blue tones to choose from, but we recommend partnering with light blue-green tones. Try to stack different shades of blue-green tiles horizontally and contrast them with stone-like floor tiles. This idea is much better if your bathroom has a natural light source because when the lights hit your bathroom, it will make the bathroom walls shimmer like ocean water.

#6 Striking Blue Bathroom Vanities

If you want your bathroom vanities to stand out, you can opt for bold cerulean vanities and partner them with turquoise hardware. This idea is much better if you have a large window directly above your vanities. The window can provide the much-needed natural light and help the striking-colored vanities to stand out and contrast the colors of your white walls, sink, and tiles.

Additional Notes

For best results, you should hire a reputable bathroom contractor like the Bathroom Remodeling Company Charlotte to remodel your spa bathroom in Charlotte, NC. Bathroom remodeling is no easy feat, so you need the expertise of professionals who can ensure that you get the bathroom you’ve envisioned.