Charlotte Bathroom Remodel Cost

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in 2022?

Homeowners who are into the idea of bathroom remodeling often find themselves asking the same question over and over again. “How much would it cost me to remodel my bathroom”? 


While there’s no direct answer to this question, understanding the price of spa bathroom remodels in Charlotte, NC, will give homeowners like you a great idea of how much money you should prepare to set aside. After all, bathroom remodeling is a serious home improvement project, and it will require you to prepare as much as possible if you want a seamless remodeling project.


To help you make an informed decision for your upcoming remodeling project, Bathroom Remodeling Company Charlotte will answer the age-old question.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Let’s get straight to the point. According to the latest data released by the home-improvement website Angi, the national average cost of remodeling a bathroom is $10,788. This is just the average cost, of course. The actual price will be around $6,152 to $15,246. 

This cost largely depends on many factors, which we will discuss later. But to give you a better idea, a low-end bathroom upgrade consisting of posh new towel bars and a fresh coat of paint may only drain hundreds of dollars from your bank account. Contrastingly, deciding to replace your toilet, vanities, and tub will hurt your budget even more. Expect thousands of dollars to disappear from your savings account if you’re planning for a high-end bathroom remodel.

Charlotte Bathroom Remodel Cost

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Now that you have a good idea of how much a remodeling costs, it’s time to understand the different factors that influence the pricing of bathroom remodeling.


Different states in the U.S. will have different rates of remodeling. Where you live, bathroom remodeling services will always be priced, regardless of scope.

Material Costs

Unbeknownst to many, a bathroom remodeling project involves many materials. We’re talking about porcelain sinks, ceramic tiles, motorized vent fans, and more. While these things can cost a lot, the good thing is that you have enough wiggle room when choosing the material choices.

Contractor Costs

Labor costs will always play a critical role in any home improvement project. But when it comes to bathroom remodeling, contractors will play a massive part in the project’s results. It’s essential to hire a reliable and trustworthy contractor because they will coordinate with other subcontractors to work on your bathroom. If you manage to hire a sloppy contractor, expect to have a subpar bathroom.

Special Design - Bathroom Remodeling Company Charlotte

Special Design Choices

You’re partly wrong if you think personalized bathrooms are the most expensive type of bathroom remodeling. Designing bathrooms for universal accessibility and aging in place is tricky and will require certified contractors and specialists. 

If you require a bathroom that is easier to access because you have elderly or disabled people in your home, you need to work with contractors certified as aging-in-place specialists. If the budget doesn’t permit it, you at least need designers and builders who are well-versed in universal design bathrooms. 

Keep in mind that if you have a small bathroom and you want to enlarge it to meet ADA requirements, expect the cost to double. This happens because the contractor will have to work on a larger area.

The Bottomline

At this point, we’ve already established how expensive spa bathroom remodeling in Charlotte, NC, could be. Because of the steep price, you must find a trustworthy contractor who can work with you seamlessly and provide an outstanding result with minimal to no imperfections. 

If you’re searching for such a bathroom contractor, look no further. Bathroom Remodeling Company Charlotte can handle all your bathroom remodeling needs, especially universal design and aging in place. Contact us today to learn more!